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D. Crytpo Art

Join the Future: Welcome to the next level of my Digital Art.




is a collection of living oil painting pictures.

Follow my journey...

...enjoy the sounds,

the colors and the life surrounding us!

A living oil painting picture is a work made of a high resolution photo, digitally edited to become an oil painting and then animated with sounds, videos and other effects to be reborn to a new life. Follow the journey. Enjoy the sounds, the colors and the life surrounding us! 

Available on OpenSea.jpg



is a collection of unique digital piece of art: a diamond as a feeling, a diamond as a word, a diamond as a mirror of the universe.


YUGEN is an untranslatable Japanese word meaning a profound awareness of the Universe which evokes feelings that are inexplicably deep and too mysterious for wordsDiamonds are fragments of eternity, pure and perfect, in the infinite mutability of the Universe. 

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